an unexpected visitor

well, it wasn't so much 'unexpected' as a 'forced' visit....

i saved this little guy from being a Barney snack. i knew something was wrong when i opened the back door and he didn't fly away with the rest of the birds in the yard. my guess is he fell out of his nest tree and hasn't quite mastered the flying thing to make it back to his family. i have a call into a wildlife rescuer....

i won't forget the symbolism either...a visit from the blue bird of happiness....

davis will laugh- can't even walk the dogs and come back without a pat down...


  1. Keep a look out for the bird's mama. We recently had a baby hawk with an injured wing and his mom and dad came looking for him the day after the wildlife rescuer picked him up. After them rehab'd him, they brought him back and let him fly. (It was really neat.)

  2. What a pretty little bird! Glad you found him before Barney did!

    Rec'd an email from you today and accidentally deleted it. Would you mind sending it again? Sorry.


  3. oh, so pretty - here in New York the bluebird is our state bird! We always try to encourage them to nest around us, but we are too wooded.

  4. How beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen one other than in pictures. I once saved a baby blue jay from the inquisitive nose of my Beagle (he did not harm the bird), but then needed to save my Beagle from the mama bird. WOW, was she after him. I put the baby on the other side of the fence and all was well. We had a small plastic pool in the back yard for the dogs, and one day about a week later, the father jay kept flying into my kitchen window and then going to the back yard. He did this about 5 times. I finally got the message and went to the back yard, only to discover the poor baby had drowned in the pool. I took him out and buried him and the parents flew away. Just broke my heart, but warmed it when I realized that those jays somehow trusted me to take care of the baby. I do like jays, despite their racket.

  5. we had a next in our garage of 3 baby robins - when they tried to fly, only one was completely successful - two not so much. I found them before our Lab did - and put them in a tree near the nest. Momma kept feeding them, but later I found that the dogs had left a ''pile of feathers'' :( The second one I think made it, or I hope it did! I love jays though - there are a LOT around here because we have nut trees (filberts and walnuts). I've never seen a baby jay though. They are funny to listen to - they can mimic SO many other bird 'voices'! Definitely the characters of the bird world :)

  6. You do have a special affinity for animals.Comfort Barney-there wasn't much meat on the little bird.


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