lucky day

i always thought it would be cool to have a 13th birthday cause every once in a while, your birthday would be on friday...

that and being born on leap year day...

good luck today!!


  1. Yes, and then you could have a Friday the 13th party!

  2. I was married on the 13th. It's fun to celebrate on Fridays. I am a spooky kind of girl!

  3. My son was born on Friday May 13, 1988. He loves Friday the 13ths. :) [I wished him a happy un-birthday on Friday].

    My roommate in the hospital ... remember, this is 1988 ... named her son Jason. My reaction was "Really? And he was born on the 13th?" They had never even thought of the connection until I said something. Oh well! :)

    My son is Paul. ;)


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