it's all in the name

so the other day i posted about my nameless spiderweb top that needed a name. i had lots of great suggestions and i even considered one or two, but i keep going back to what i saw when i gazed at it...

so the quilt without a name now has a name-"South Beach"

Davis proposed to me on South Beach and i remember the art deco hotels and all the vibrant colors, especially at night with all the glowing neon.

the quilt measures 92 inches by 95 inches, so two widths of fabric would not be enuf for the backing. since i cut the outer border on the lengthwise grain, i pieced the leftover border in the middle of the backing....and since i was piecing the backing- i went ahead and pieced in the label.

if you decide to do this, make sure the writing is large enuf to be read once it is quilted over. my label measures around 9 by 10 inches. i've also appliqued the label on the backing and quilted over it too.

so now i have a flimsy, backing, and batting. i just need to get two customer quilts finished and i'll get it quilted!!!


  1. Now that we know the true story behind this, the name is perfect. Great memory quilt.

  2. Great name! You already KNEW you'd name it that before you asked us for input! You clever fox you... It will be great to see how you quilt it.

  3. This sounds like one of those "the quilt spoke to me" things. Good thing you listened, too, because it probably would have yelled at you had you given it another name.
    Kay in NJ


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