'South Beach' is a quilt!!

i have the binding made, but i'll wait to sew it on, it's too hot to tackle it right now....

*note* i only allow barney on my quilts....


  1. the quilt is fabulous.
    the dog is exquisite.
    i think you should send them both to my house.
    you know the addy.

  2. This quilt is beautiful and so is the doggie on it. Isn't it funny how our animals love to lay on quilts? My dog loves to lay on quilts and I have to keep her off of cusotmer quilts all the time. She likes to have her picture with them just like Barney. Too cute!

  3. Gorgeous... congratulations on such a cool finish!

  4. Wow, that looks fabulous! Love the texture of the quilting. I hope you will post close ups?!

  5. What a beautiful warm looking quilt. Just looking at it will warm a winter night.


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