so i posted a picture of my pile-o-quilts and had yall guess how many in the pile.

there were 29 quilts in that pile!!

i had three correct guesses, but i could only get in touch with one the other two were no-reply congrats to Carreen! i'll get your winnings in the mail soon!!

and just so you know, i don't keep my quilts in a big pile....they do have a shelf to live on *promise*

(there are a couple on the shelf that weren't in the pile)

i fold my quilts with the patchwork out, so i know what quilt is what and not have to remember what fabric is on the back of a specific quilt...., it's prettier that way, i think.


  1. Crap. I guessed 26. Close doesn't really count on this one. Love seeing quilty pictures. I heap all of my quilts in piles around my house. That way the cats have plenty of places to sleep. :)

  2. I believed you when you said "the pile" was the best way to store quilts because it avoided fold creases! I have even spread that gem of wisdom. Now, sell me a big bridge in Brooklyn. Loyce

  3. Dang! I had no idea I had "no-reply" on my profile. Fixed now. Just happy I guessed correctly! Woohoo! That was a fun idea, Doodlebug!


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