home again

i'm back home *sigh* safe and sound
Paris seemed like a dream and i didn't want to wake up!! it was nice to hang out with Davis and experience Paris. Two weeks was the perfect amount of time to really get a 'feel' for the city.

i have tons of pictures i saved just for the blog that i didn't put in my Facebook albums. So if you can stand more Paris pictures, i'll be posting them soon!!

i did find some fabric, but not exactly what you would think!

i'm going to look into having all my pictures published into a book (you know, those online DIY books for around $30)

and i didn't forget about the giveaway- i'll look at all the comments and figure out the winner!!


  1. I know several people who have used Wal-Mart on line for making memory books and the quality was terrific. All types of templates are available. Glad to have you back.

  2. I was wondering yesterday if you were ever coming back. Good to have you home!

  3. It`s great you have enjoyed Paris.I was there one week and hope to go there again.Welcome back!!

  4. Glad you are home safe and sound! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

  5. What a wonderful trip for you. The book idea is a great way to have all your pics together,I never thought of doing that.


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