some more Paris

this will be the last paris post, then i promise to shut up and get back to quilting content :)

we walked by this shop and got a couple stores by before it registered to me what i just saw, and we walked back.

it's a taxidermy store.....yup- dead animals you can buy!!!

the owner tried to talk us into taking home the musk ox, "anyone can take home cheap plastic eiffel towers. imagine what your friends would say if you brought them a musk ox."

i told him only if it included free shipping and no custom fees.  *it didn't*

see the tripod??? guess what's in it????

a narwhal horn.  if i had the euros, it would be in the corner of my living room...i wanted a short one so i could tell people it was a unicorn horn.....

i did consider bringing home some rats as 180 euros, they were a steal *snicker snort* what a fun giveaway prize huh? :)

black plague carrying fleas were optional *guff*

i did find some fabric!!

a casual 'let's see what's down here' walk found me outside a Marimekko store *swoon*

i did buy a meter of a fabric and a tea towel (which is upside down) she had the large panel of the birch tree hard to leave gorgeous fabric behind *sad*

she did have this panel (the cows with a lime green background) at almost 200 euros, it was extremely tempting....she did share her card and winked at me and whispered that if i changed my mind she would ship to the states.....

i did stop by a quilt shop THREE different times during the advertised open times and it was closed each time *shrug* oh well....maybe she was on holiday in the states :)

below Sacre Coeur cathedral there is a small 'fabric district' it is mostly home dec and fashion fabric, but i did find some sangria fabric for FOUR euro a meter!! that was a no brainer- i pay almost five times that much for it here in the states....

i collect souvenir thimbles, and found three  different ones

-the catacombs (come on, like i'd pass on a thimble with a pic of a human skull)
-the arc de triomphe
-the Eiffel tower

we did take the better half of one morning finding a locksmith that had blanks of the key to the apartment. it took some creative charades to act out what we wanted, but we both got a blank to bring home :)

(yes, i have a Nemo key.   davis also bought me four blanks so that if we change the locks, i can always have a Nemo key.   *that's love right there*)

so, that's my loot...the interesting part anyway...i could go on and on about the trip, but i know when it's time to hush (sometimes) i might do a travel tips post....i learned alot about Paris before i left by reading blogs, so i should throw my two cents into the Web. it's only fair....


  1. I loved reading your travel stories and viewing your photos.....share what ever you want and I will probably just lap it up!

  2. I've missed the quilt patter, but I am loving the Paris points.This has been the best one--fabric, stuffed animals , and le kewl key. If you really want one, I'm sure we can find you a bigger rat around here, you'll just have to stuff it yourself. Finding a musk ox may prove a challenge. More Paris, si vous plait.


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