tag, i'm it.

karin over at Cascade Quilts tagged me and now i have to answer some questions. i'm not going to tag anyone back, but feel free to copy and paste the questions, answer in your own blog post, and leave the post link in the comments...

here goes:
1.) What is your favorite snack? 
food :) ....oh, i have to narrow it down?  i like to snack on fresh, raw fruits and veggies. i set myself a goal to try to burn some fat, so i'm making better decisions about what i eat and how i eat it. 
2.) Besides quilting what your next favorite hobby? 
i'm an outdoorsy kind of girl. i like to fish, hunt, and shoot archery as well as skeet and trap.      
3.) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
mmm...i'd like to have some land with cattle and horses somewhere in 'big sky' country. but not anywhere too cold...maybe texas?
4.) Where does your inspiration come from?
  everywhere... to be truly creative you have to be open to being inspired by anything, any time, any where. most of my quilts start with the simple question: I wonder what the quilt would look like if i put this and this together....?
5.) How much fabric are you hoarding right now?
    due to the fact that my loving husband reads this, i'm pleading the fifth
6.) Do you wear makeup, and if you do, how often do you put it on?
   i wear what i like to call 'natural'- under eye concealer, powder, and mascara...i consider myself extremely low maintenance...i can go days without it. 
7.) What is your favorite part of the quilting process?
i like it all, but i do like the challenge of deciding on designs for the machine quilting. finding that perfect balance.... finishing a quilt is the best too- the last stitch in the binding. i hate cutting. i find it monotonous, repetitive, and boring.    
8.) Are you a part of any local Quilt Guilds?
     nope, and honestly, i find them cliquey and so far from being about quilting..i am more attracted to the online quilting community.
9.) How many quilting projects are you currently working on?  
      alot, i like to have numerous projects in various states of progress (both by machine and hand) so that i always have something to work on depending on what i want to do and what mood i'm in.
10.) If we went to a movie, what type of movie would you pick out?
      comedy, but i won't turn down a good suspenseful psychotic thriller. i like the roller coaster of emotions
11.) If we went out for dinner, what restaurant would you pick?
a steak house. nothing makes life better than a good slab of steak and a tall glass of ice tea.


  1. that is one reason I've been afraid to even ASK about quilt guilds in my area. I feel like I would not fit in........

  2. I do belong to a local quilt guild and it is such a different world from what my online quilter friends which I have met.


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