Charmed Star

i'm working on finishing up my PIPTs (projects in plastic tubs)...this is what i grabbed next.

i've had all the pieces for this quilt cut, i just needed to sit down and sew everything. the other night i needed some mindless sewing, so i sewed all the HSTs and got them cut and pressed. last night i got all the rows sewn and hopefully this weekend i'll get it into a flimsy.

not exactly my traditional colors, but i do like it...i like the peachy corals with the brown and celery green. i'm an equal opportunity quilter :) my goal is to get it done so i can hang it at the top of the stairs for the month of May.

these fabrics were in the tub with the cut pieces. i really like the floral for the outer border, but i only have a yard and need two for border *shrug* maybe i'll piece it with the other dark print. i'll figure something out. it's an OOP fig tree print, Cinnamon Star, so i doubt i'll be able to find anymore...


  1. this is too funny as i have that brown floral in one of my PIPTs!

  2. I like the colors too-it will be great for the month of May-and it will be d.o.n.e.

  3. Very nice, Shannon! Can't wait to see it quilted! I need to get some PIGS done....grab one and go, great idea!

  4. Wow. That's a pretty quilt! Very stunning. I love doing HST, they are so relaxing. Really a shame you don't have more of the border fabric. It goes so nicely.

  5. That looks great, and that pattern is high on my to-do list. Yours inspires me to get going on it. First, though, I have a few that I really must get done!


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