block swap deadline has arrived

the mail has run at my house and that means that the deadline for the block swap has come. i had alot of participants, and i think people will be happy with the blocks they receive back. thank you to all that played!!

i will post to my blog when i mail them out....i had a lot of participants, and plan on splitting up the trips to the post office. i will ship any international packages after shipping is paid through Paypal. i will email you a request for funds....

here is a list of the ones i received. this list DOES NOT include those who personally delivered and will be picking their swapped blocks up (ie locals)

if you mailed blocks and do not see your name, let me know. there is the possibility that i missed one. i have listed by date they arrived:
beverly s, NM
julie D, NY
esther s, canada
sheila, WY
bonnie h, CA
muriel p, pa
ann h, WA 2/27
shana c , AK
lyn c, AUST
judith W, TX (2 sets)
joyce c, OH
parm g, vancouver
lynn a, OR
corey s, CA
rose h, CA
judy w, MN
leslie c, TX
donna f, HI 

sue d, IL
kim k, NSW Aust
carol h, PA
kim l, PA
barb k, PA
meg f, NY
tonilyn s, AK
vickie o, FL 

julie p, victoria, AUST 

anna p, IA
marta a, FL
sue s, PA
misa i Japan
linda h, GA
julie m, CA


  1. Wow Japan, Canada and Australia participants along with the US ones. Looking forward to receiving my blocks. Lyn

  2. Darn, wish I had participated too.....I am a bit slow and just recently realised that you had changed your vacation date, did you book your flights yet, want to come by my house?

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. You can send me to bed with NO SUPPER.... I didn't get my blocks done :-( I got them cut out and that is it... so tattoo a big L in the middle of my forehead!

    I so wanted to do this, but working 2 jobs and quilting take all my time away. I did quit my corporate retail job at the mall... woohooo! So maybe I can participate in the next swap.


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