sunday stitches

i had the right mind to play a naughty april fools prank, but i decided not to. i had horrible images of it gone awry.

so instead i'll share what i spent the afternoon working on.

i put the borders on my quilt i finished the other day at Lisa's...i'm going to call it 'ice crystals'

i'm glad i bought extra yardage of the background. i needed a small border of it before the formal borders, the blocks looked crowded without it.

i also got these blocks sewn together at lisa's too.

it is a pattern from Cozy Quilt Shop called Cake Mix. it's made from a jelly roll and one layer cake from the same fabric collection plus borders.

it was meant to be given to my granny, but i didn't get it done in time.

after getting the borders on crystals, i sewed borders onto it. 

and with my goal of finishing up my UFOs, i discovered that i only have 4 or 5 more and i'll have them all to the flimsy stage!!! :) i have all this space on my shelves, so now i get to start some new projects- guilt free....i know, such a horrible problem to have....


  1. I don't even want to guess at my UFOs. Pretty quilt tops.

  2. what you are working on...great projects.


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