sew-in day

today i took a personal day :) and spent it sewing at my friend's lisa's house.

i'm really enjoying my christmas present from davis, the sew-ezi table! i love my little featherweight machine...totally worth the wait to find one i could afford.

i accomplished quite a lot....

i finished the blocks needed for this quilt and got the top sewn together minus borders. they are laying at the bottom of the photo

it is the cover quilt from Scrap Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett

i plan on hanging it at the top of the stairs for the month of january. to me, it has a tired-of-winter-ready-for-spring vibe. lisa said it puts her in mind of the beach.

i also received this in the mail today  *squee* and it's lime green!!! *double squee*


  1. Bali Sea Star is one of my all time favorite quilts/blocks. Your colors are fabulous...a hint of things to come...beach time...perfect.

  2. it's great! i love this quilt.
    i have made it different colorways. it does not disappoint! and i gave the book, scrap basket surprises, to my friend barb for hosting me for the lancaster show. i think this is one of the best books out there, there isn't a bad quilt in it.

  3. Great quilt. The colors look like my summer wardrobe which I have to get down from the attic next week. Love the lime green ribbon.

  4. This quilt is so pretty and I love your ribbon.


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