my stash threw up

i thought i'd share a pic of my studio during making the lucky quilt....a quarter of my stash lives under Nemo and i have it color coded in drawers. when i need a specific color, i pull the drawer and sit in the floor and go through it til i find the just-right fabric. it's all very scientific...

if you want the full (clean) tour, it's in this post

notice that big empty spot in the middle? care to guess what fits there?
yup, my loyal studio assistant. he has move when i need to get to the purple drawer :)
so here's the latest in progress shot of the lucky quilt. i've decided to not sash and cornerstone for a very good reason.
i've had this 5 yard chunk of paper weight just waiting to go on the back of the perfect quilt...and i have decided the lucky quilt is the lucky quilt ;)  if i sash the blocks the quilt will be to big to fit the yardage i it was a simple design decision :)

i'm also going to sew the label to the backing before i quilt it....i've had a couple of customers bring their quilts to me like that, and i like the idea of the label being 'under' the quilting....i plan on writing a tutorial on how i do it, so stay tuned!


  1. I'm lovin' the lucky quilt!

  2. Yes, that seems to be the perfect backing! It is turning out so cute! I have thought often about doing a tshirt quilt and shied away because of the knit fabric... Are you backing it up with muslin to prevent stretching? I also like putting labels on a quilt back before it is quilted, it males it a solid part of the quilt that can not be removed at a later date.

  3. I love the quilt, but especially love your quilt cave. Is it always that straight and tidy or was the room posing for the shot. Great idea about the peg board.


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