i have all the blocks finished....now to let it 'breathe' a bit and see what comes to mind for the inner border.

i'm debating re doing the two sides of the second shirt in the third row....the green coping strips stick out to me.

i think they should be something pieced- maybe pinwheels across the bottom and FG down the side?


  1. Wow... that is fantastic!!!

  2. I think maybe you're right. It is the only one with strips that wide. I think maybe that's why it stands out from the others.
    But even so, it looks so fabulous!!!! Did you do anything to stabilize the t-shirt fabrics?

  3. It's totally awesome. Totally. Just as it is.

  4. I think it's because the strips are so wide? I am thinking, maybe narrow the strips on those two sides and make equal ones with the green cornerstones so the shirt block is centered? so it has narrower sashing strips around it instead of the wide ones?

  5. Love this layout, Shannon! It's really wonderful and holds my attention as I look at all the activity in it. I can't see the concern you have, but perhaps it's more obvious in person. Nice job, all around!


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