house guests

i am pet setting three cats. davis's daughter had the opportunity to travel to Japan for a couple months and now i'll have in-house dog sitting in trade. lucky is getting old and it's better if he stays here.....

i have been missing Lucy and was thinking that i might like to revisit having a cat in the house.

these three have changed my mind.
they get into everything!! and i totally forgot how stinky cat poo is *whew*

this is Skylar. he's a mean sadistic cat. i trust him about as far as i could throw the house. notice the distance of the photo. he snores when he sounds like someone slowing squeezing and releasing a squeaker's kinda cute, i guess.
this is LeaLou. she finally came out from under the bed. it only took a month. she drools and has a distinctive smell. she's so stealthy that sometimes the only way to know she's in the room, is the smell.

this is Fatsy. he's my favorite. they aren't mine, so i'm allowed to have a favorite. him and barney actually play together. they 'chase' each other around the love seat then Fatsy takes off down the hall, Barney looks all rejected and looks at me whining.

they will be going home soon....

hoppy valentine's day.

 a big *SMOOCH* to my husband!


  1. I love your descriptions of your house guests... LOL Happy Valentine's Day

  2. LOL!!! You're a good friend!!! THREE cats is an awful lot to babysit for two whole months. Too bad Skylar's psychotic - he's gorgeous! I wonder why LeaLou smells?

  3. Excellent descriptions of your visiting kitties... kitty sitting is a good way to find out if you're ready for another kitty...

  4. You are more of a woman than I am. Not sure I could kitty sit! lol Happy Valentines Day!

  5. We lost our sweet Petunia about 2 1/2 years ago. Lately, I have been missing her companionship. I had been saying, "Never again," but I'd started to weaken. Thankfully, I went to visit my brother-in-law who has 2 cats. I'd forgotten how much better I breathe now and the fact that I've been able to reduce my allergy medication. I also took one look at his cat clawing his new rug and jumping on the kitchen counter and I was cured. I loved having a kitty for a pet, but seeing his cats reminded me of all the negative aspects. I believe my house will remain a kitty free zone and I will continue to wear my black wool coat without looking like a hairball.

  6. I think it's hard to love a cat that wasn't yours from the kitten stage. I know that my two demons would probably drive anyone mad. But it's like kids, you had them when they were cute and adorable as babies so you can use those memories to keep you from killing them when they are teens! LOL! I think the same goes for cats. Who doesn't love a little sweet kitten?

  7. I really had to laugh about how you had forgotten how cats get into things! We now have 3 cats and Simon will knock things off of tables and just look at why was it there? Sounds like you are having fun though :)
    Quilting by the River

  8. Just like grandkids... only grandcats. Love 'em and send 'em home.

  9. take the stinky one to a groomer for a bath...might be worth it. PetSmart will do it too. I have a part-time inside kitty and he isn't one to get into things, so maybe your house-guests will settle down with time.


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