i love making pillowcases for the bed. LA-HOV! so when davis sent me an email asking for cases for the little travel pillows he has, i was all over that like stink on poop. he said the polyester cover was rough. i think he's just spoiled by the soft cotton pillowcases at home *giggle*
i was just happy to be able to make and send him something. he travels so much and lives out of his duffel, so it's hard to send him anything cause he would have to pack it around....so i was more than happy to finally have a chance to make him something he can use.

he asked for something cajun and i had just recently made pillow cases for the house from a mardi gras fabric i found at Hancock's. so that's what i did.

(happy mardi gras to ya! this tuesday is fat tuesday!  Laissez le bon temps rouler.)
his traveling buddy is a huge bama fan, so i picked up some roll tide fabric to make one for him.

it was hard to even buy alabama fabric being a TN girl....but thankfully there wasn't anyone else in the store to see me.


  1. Haha!! You're so good, sucking it up and making a Roll Tide case. :D

  2. What a great idea and what fantastic pillowcases! I'm sure the guys were thrilled to get them...

  3. When DH was active duty and in Afghanistan, I sent him some too. I used camo fabric though. I could have sent you some Bama fabric and saved you the embarassment. LOL I must be anon as I don't have a blog, but I am Sara In AL (aka BlueSkies)

  4. My son lives in CA so sending things to him that don't cost an arm and a leg is tough too! love making pillowcases also! LA-HOV em! LOL. worked on my SAL blocks this weekend LA-HOV them too.


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