making do

i saw this quilt on Flying Bird's blog and i instantly feel in love with the back ground fabric. (image source here)

i went to ikea's website and it's not available for online purchase (guess they really don't want my money) and i'm just not going to drive to downtown atlanta to get it...our ikea is not easy to find.

but i do have this fabric in my stash (penny for scale) will basically give the same effect- a very large scale B&W. plus i won't have to worry about keeping it directional

win win!


  1. I like your background even better than the one with the words anyway. However... IKEA is a piece of cake... off 75 at 17th street, turn right between the row houses to actually get to 17th, turn left and keep going until you practically run into IKEA. Using stash is better for your quilt karma anyway!

  2. Perfect. Definitely win, win!

  3. absolutely love your fabric... where did you get it... I suppose you got it a long time ago and it is nowhere to be found now... what a perfect backing it would make also.

  4. I love that pattern. Are you gonna make it and do a tutorial?!? I would love one hanging in my sewing room and I'm just not ingenious enough to figure it out on my own. Well I am actually, but I'm lazy. I'll admit it. LOL

    1. i don't know who, but someone in blog land already did a tutorial in a sew along type thing. i saw this quilt popping up in the RSS feeds...i think...let me go see if i can find a link....

      *jeopardy theme*

      yup, it was hosted by Chelsea from Pins and Bobbins. here's the link:

  5. I really like the background fabric you have in your stash better. Have fun. I am really liking Rainbow these days.


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