i apologize, lord watch over the starving pigmies in new guinea

i want to apologize to edie. i was gently reminded that i did not post her christmas quilts she made, and  i was reminded in a tone that suggested i get right on that *giggle* in my defense, this computer is getting quite cranky when asked to anything...
she was quite busy...so here goes:

she made another poodle quilt like this one

a beautiful floral quilt
 i quilted a leaf meander with yellow thread.
 a double helix for her daughter (technically quilted after christmas, but who's writing a book here right?  :) )
i quilted something i don't normally quilt on customer quilts- a pebble filler, but this quilt screamed that it was what it wanted, so i obliged.
here's the back which really shows the helix design of the quilt.

she also made two quilts with a military theme and i seem to have missed taking their picture...

and since i'm posting pictures and my computer and blogger are play nice together, i'll carry on.....

there's betty's space rocket quilt made for her grandson....i was with her when she bought the kit

i quilted elliptical swirls in orange thread. really cute

melanie's quilt she made for herself at christmas. she proudly told me, "i'm keeping this one!" 

sue's vintage hand pieced 9patch. i love this quilt and have tried to make her promise to let me use it when she's finished with it.

 quilted with my signature E2E i call cotton candy, which if i may say, is perfect for this quilt.

also, out of all the vintage tops i've quilted- this one was perfect! it wasn't perfectly 'square' but it was flat....

here's a couple of my favorite fabrics...

she blogged about it here

that's all right now...i'll be back later with a couple of  MY quilts i finished to share....i'm keeping busy!


  1. All the quilts are totally awesome!!

  2. Amazing work. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

  3. All `quilt are absolutely gorgeos!congratulations to all the quiltes


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