how i spent my weekend

i was sick of looking at my four walls, so i took off south to the FIL' was needed, i was stale and needed some fresh country air.

i packed up the featherweight, the dogs, and off we went.

i set my sewing station in the big bay window. let me tell you, it was N.I.C.E. i sew in a 'basement' and i have a tiny window that doesn't let in much light. look at all that natural sunshine! i could barely tell if my featherweight's light was on or not. it did get hot sitting in the sun, but it was a perfect trade. plus it was an excuse to use my christmas present!

here's the view from the window.
the goats have had their kids, so watching them play was nice....watching a baby goat figure out it can hop and run will put a smile on my face in a heartbeat
check out that one's hairdo...pygmy goats have huge personalities...

i got my blocks for the swap done. (there's still time to play)

just wait- all those blocks are going to be different! 30s repro goodness!

this is going to be one super duper quilt! i have a feeling some will wished they had joined...i already know how i'm going to quilt it!
i helped turn a tree in the front yard into a nice pile of firewood. i didn't swing the axe or wield the chainsaw, but i did my part and my back is still sore from chucking all that wood :)

during a break, lucky hung out with me and this picture has become my favorite cherished picture. i have tones of pictures of the dogs, but i'm never in them.
here's a picture of the stump. i really like the ring's wavy lines...such an odd growth pattern.

i only wish i knew someone who could of turned me a wooden bowl from it.

as soon as we got home, the dogs crashed. i guess running around like two banshees sniffing and peeing on everything is tiresome :)
i love it when lucky's ear sticks out like that...

funny story from the weekend:
FIL started a fire in the fireplace and went out to get more wood and came back in and wanted me to go see if i heard the weird sound in the garage. i went out and i did indead hear a noise but i knew instantly what it was. lucky was snoring. i had put the dogs in their crates and zipped up the covers and they were snoozing hard...

so that's how i spent my much needed weekend va-stay...


  1. Looks like a nice personal retreat :)

  2. I'm glad you had just a peaceful weekend... has to be great sewing in front of a window like that!

  3. What a gorgeous place to sew...with an amazing view! I would never leave!

  4. Oh....I would love / kill for that view! Glad you had a relaxing and productive weekend. As for the tree stump, yes it is really husband is learning to turn, one bowl done. He said most of the center would be lost from the log as it is cut thru the center for turning.

  5. This sounds like a little bit of heaven. How nice for you to enjoy - and appreciate it! I'm glad you had a good get-away. We all need days like this. From one Featherweight owner to another...

  6. I'm with you, gal! Sometimes in January, I just have to have that dose of sunshine to keep me going. I went to PCB last weekend and quilted in the sun. The little goats sound cute.

  7. Retreats are wonderful.
    Hope you can find someone to make a bowl for you. I have one made from a crab apple tree in our front yard.


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