poodles, noodles, and fabric- oh my

edie came to fetch her poodle quilt yesterday. every fabric in the 4patch features a different poodle with very few repeats...

i thought about it while quilting this quilt- not that i ever would, but if i ever had a poodle own me, i'd name it Ramen....get it Ramen Poodle....i crack myself up sometimes...

i did, however, discover the long-to-be-thought extinct distant ancestor of the jackalope- the poodlope....here it is seen in it's natural habitat

*snicker snort* sorry, i couldn't resist.....

i have had fun making blocks for our wedding quilt, i noticed i have a hole in my stash. i have lots of mediums and i have darks, but i have nothing i consider pastel-y to use for backgrounds. so i bought some fat quarters....i should be good to go for a while. the bottom row is just cause fabrics....the cute little calico-y floral- i seem to have come home with two. i must of really liked it to buy it twice

luck would have it- the shop was having a huge FQ sale tomorrow. murphy's law, right???


  1. I have a poodle and I love the fabrics in that quilt. Where did you get them all?

  2. You crack me up too...ramen poodle!

  3. and the tag on it's collar would simply state: "just add water and stir"


  4. ramen Poodle.....hilarious!
    you should write a book of quilty blog cleverness.
    stopping in here before bed makes me fall asleep with a smile everytime.
    could you post something funny every evening to accomodate my need for pre-snooze entertainment, please?

  5. Who would have thought you could find so many different poodle fabrics. Cute quilt.
    Ramen Poodle is a great name. It almost makes me wish I had a dog to name.

  6. I love quilts like these, where you can tell the quilter took forever to save all these fabrics. Super cute!

  7. Ramen Poodle sees doggie bones in your new stach, Doggie wants a cookie

  8. Love the Ramen Poodle! So clever, great name for my next poodle!



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