fah lalalala la la la

i promised a christmas wrap up (pun intended) post....

i choose to add to the stress this holiday and i made all my presents (which i will do again, just get a eariler head start this year)
i made two faux feedack pillows for my dad using our family farm's name. It's a certified black angus farm. i got the idea from this tutorial. i don't have the fancy cutter she has, so i cut my stencil from freezer paper with an exacto knife. i kept the test pillow for myself *wink*
for my dad's girl friend, a clothesline fabric wrapped basket....i've not met her yet, so i hope she likes it.
i made a table topper for davis's mom. i used Atkinson Design's "Happy Holidays" table topper pattern and made the medium size. it took some convincing for her to actually put it on the table. she didn't want it to get dirty. she also got one of the wedding frames from this post.
i made lots of pillow cases.
davis's dad got this set which match the southwest theme he loves so much. they get to sit on this quilt i made him last year. he also got a wedding frame.
neice's pillow case set. she's not a matchy type, so her's are both different.
neice #2 set. her favorite color is blu, altho it photoed green
nephew's pillow case set. he was a bit difficult to make for. he's goth and loves black *sigh* solid black pillowcases can be bought. i put on my thinking cap and it hit me- i used moda's "grunge' black and found a nice grey homespun for the cuff. very proud of that one
i made three of my flanged pillows (my tutorial here)
one for davis's bother and his fiance. she loves black and purple and i knew immediately what fabric in my stash would work. i tried to make his 'manly'  i quilted them exactly the same....
i love the purple thread on the dark grey
so his had to have blue on the tan...
i also made one pillow for my FIL's girl who's-a-friend. she bought new couches and nothing she already had really 'matched'. now she does *grin*

i love making gifts for family and friends, but am a bit bothered that they won't use them cause they are scared of them getting dirty/worn/torn/etc. i found a good response to those concerns: "i want you to use them, that's why i made them. it's a compliment to me if you love it to death. and if you do love it to death i promise to make you another one in a different color" worked like a charm.....

i wasn't gonna mention anything, but Davis accepted a job as an electrical contractor and is in Afghanistan. he was scheduled for R&R in january, but surprised us all when he walked in during the family get-together. i love surprises! that was my favoritest gift- having my hubby home for our first married christmas....so i have one itty bitty favor, when you think of him; send a up good thought for his and the troops' safety over there. thanks...he will be 'bouncing' all over afghan. he jokes that his new service truck is a black hawk....
 so what did Santa bring me?

i was apparently a good little kwilter cause i got a SewEzi table for my featherweight. i even got the accessory tray...and i also have the clear insert that makes it a light table.
davis made me a para-cord bracelet. it's nice to be on the receiving end of a home made gift....
i bought myself a new ruler at Intown Quilters (on sale). i needed one. my old one is about 8 years old and the markings around the edge are worn and some are gone...my old ruler was 6.5 x 12.5 my new one is 8.5 x 12.5. i can't wait to use it.....
oh- for those that think i'm sitting at home alone and all vulnerable......i'm keeping myself busy. i knew that stash would come in handy.

...oh, and i have guns and know how to use them *giggle*


  1. Oh, girl, can I borrow dirty harry? Please....I love this. I shot the 357 but was a better fit for a 38 special. Love being protected.
    Great gifts and I pledge to make more next year too....no more buying foreign to give. And will remember prayers for Davis and his safety.

  2. Great Christmas presents. Prayers go up for Davis and his safety. A former co-worker was over there last year and flew around in a Black Hawk, too.

    When you quilt your pillows, do you put them on your quilt frame or do free motion on your sewing machine? (They are lovely.)

  3. Very nice homemade gifts. Congrats on your new SewEzi table. It makes a big difference working on a flat surface. Enjoy!

  4. Well, what do you know..... I was wondering about you all on you own....so glad you got to spend time with Davis at Christmastime..... Happy New Year to You and Yours!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  5. Your projects are wonderful and so well thought out for each receiver.

    What a wonderful surprise gift for you!!!! I will definitely send up prayers for his and all of our troops over there.

    Happy new year.

  6. Your gifts were great and so individualized. I, too, love making gifts for family/friends and do try, even when they are all on the same theme, to individualize each one. And you and your hubby will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. What wonderful gifts for everyone! Love your EZ table for your featherweight!


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