i'll be back soon...

well, i have good news! my computer will be back this coming week and i'm SO SO happy. it's amazing how you don't realize how dependant you are on something til it's gone. i've been taking lots of pictures, so i'm looking forward to getting all those uploaded to share withcha. lots of quilty pictures....

and in a bit of life's irony, my computer got a virus, and friday i woke up with a horrible cold. isn't that a hoot! *sniff* coincidence- i think not! :)

but i do have a little tid bit to share. davis came home early enough for us to go to the gun range on wednesday. we haven't shot guns in so long. it was a nice break from quilting all these show quilts....let me introduce a little of my redneck side :)

here's a picture of me shooting the .44 magnum.

here's the second clip i put through the .9mm. not too bad to have not shot in two years.... we need to go to the skeet/trap fields and shoot before the weather gets cold....deer season will be starting soon, time to restock the freezer.

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  1. I just went shooting last week...but an outdoor setting. Nearly froze to death, but did manage a bullseye with a rifle!


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