ear bud makeover

what do ear buds bloom into??? hehehe

so, i've joined the online social thing and recently reactivated my long time deleted facebook page.....then meg invited me to join pinterest, and who am i to say no? let me warn you- pinterest is a fun time suck thing. you start looking at others' boards and clicking links and the next thing you know, eight hours are gone. *opps* (but since the holidays have made it impossible to find anything i haven't already seen on TV, pinterest has been a fun distraction)
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 as i was clicking around on pinterest, i saw this pin and immediately thought i wanted to try it. i made a smack load of friendship bracelets in high school, so this was right up my alley. (the link under the pic will take to all the places i went to figure this out. i already knew how to make the knot that twists like that. they call it 'chinese stair steps', but i know it as 'french twist')
i have embrodiery floss, but way back before i started LAing, i hand quilted my quilts with perle cotton. i bought three skeins of this beautiful hand dyed thread and since it's just sitting in a drawer- mize well use it...
about 8 hours later, stretched out over the course of last week, this is what i have

*drool* pretty pretty

awesome, if you ask me....
here they are with my phone...a match made in heaven.

so then i decided that my new fancy earbuds needed a mode of transport. i remembered seeing Erin's circle earbud pouch tutorial around christmas. this was exactly what i had in mind.

so a couple hours this afternoon and wha-la, my fancy-smancy earbuds have a new home.

the really cool thing about this- the knot-wrap around the cords keeps them from getting all tangled up.

so, there it is- my first project of 2012...


  1. That's a cool makeover! I joined Pinterest recently too and I have to really regulate my time!

  2. Cool stuff! I was drawn into Pinterest recently too. Too many fun sites and not enough time! LOL

  3. Ooooh...I love what you have done with these and the little pouch is so cute! My granddaughters make those friendship bracelets, I might have to steal your idea. Pinterest is great! Too Great! hehe...time flys by....and suddenly it's been an hour. We have friends stationed in Afghanistan, so will be thinking about your hubby also.

  4. That is fantastic. I love your phone cover, too. I need to make me an ear bud case for my purse.


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