boo to you and BOM housekeeping

i sent my halloween quilt to Linda to be quilted and i can say that it is a finished quilt. here's pictures straight from the dryer.*crinkly quilt goodness*

there is nothing better in the chill of winter than to wrap up in a fresh-from-the-dryer quilt. it's the seond best type of hug.

i've decided to call it 'boo to you'
here's the great stripe i used for the binding, cut on the bias of course.
here's the back. i am in love with that lime green buzzard.

BOM housekeeping:
at the end of january i will be removing all the posts that pertain to 2011's BOM. i will also be removing all the block pdfs from my Etsy store. double check that you have saved or printed all the pdfs. once they are gone- they are gone *period*

i'm currently working on 2012's BOM and i think you'll like it too. it going to be scrap friendly, but i'll get into that later!


  1. Cute Halloween quilt!

  2. Very cute! Love the binding.

  3. Very cute and the binding is spectacular.Great job!


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