so this is laying, dead, in the driveway...it's not a little crawdad either- about 4 inches long....


no small feat seeing as there is no creeks or bodies of water close to the house....there's a creek about 300 yards behind the house....

wonder how it got there????


  1. He was the little yabbie that could? Carried away by a cat? Put there by a friedly neighbour?

  2. Maybe a bird dropped it??????

  3. I would say definitely a bird dropped it. The bird thought wow, that is one huge bug, it will make a party back home. But when birdie snagged it, it probably pinched the bird and the bird said "what the!" and let go but the crustacean probably had a hold of some part of the bird so the bird had it attached for a while as it took a wild ride and then when the crustacean made his move to grab something else he didn't realize that the ride was going to quickly end. badly. The fall of course killed the critter and the bird has learned his lesson and will never go for that freaky lookin bug again.

  4. Do you think there are more in the creek? About 50 pounds would make a great crawfish boil!

  5. Sleepwalking, perhaps, then it woke up and wondered where it was - scared it so bad that it had a heart attack and fell over right in that particular spot. (My my real guess would be a cat provided its transport from the creek to the driveway.) One never knows tho.


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