thanksgiving wrap up

thanksgiving was spent south with davis' family.

went hunting friday, with no luck- but there's enuf deer in the woods to have better luck later....

i got to do something i've never got to do before- lay pennies on a train track. we stopped at a transfer track intersection and the front train was stopped while the back train passed. i placed three pennies on the track and waited....

(i learned that those type of train cars carry automobiles to savannah to be shipped overseas- how cool)
i was surprised how loud the noise was as the train ran over my pennies *thunk thunk thunk* then when the pennies vibrated and fell off the rails, no more was cool!

the holiday weekend was pretty uneventful- except when i locked the keys in the truck and had to call a locksmith on thanksgiving afternoon....that wasn't cheap.


  1. I was just thinking those pennies now would make really pretty earrings!

  2. I locked the keys in the car on Galveston beach on the Fourth of July. Another expensive rescue. Then our two year old locked himself into the car. When daddy was fastening him in, he dropped the keys in the car seat without realizing it. Just as he shut the car door, and I reached to open my door, we heard the dreaded "thunk" of the car locking. There we stood, on Christmas Eve, watching as he did what babies do best, and throw the keys in the front seat. Two hours, two police cars, a fire truck and two locksmiths later, we got back in the car. Our fancy Audi, with the fancy alarm system to keep us out - know how we finally got into the car? With a coat hanger and a shoe lace (and from an idea I had). Unbelievable, yeah! Glad you were able to find a locksmith willing to come out on T-day. BTW, Happy belated T-day.


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