i'm not a fan of tennis shoes.... i'm not very athletic. if i need to run, it's caused i've emptied my clip, it's not dead yet, and still chasing me *laugh*

i was reading julie's blog and saw her post about her new shoes and *swoon* i had to have my very own pair...

now, i do! i just need to figure out where i can go so i can wear them...


  1. Even if I didn't know what you look like IRL I would know you from these shoes!! LOL they are sooooo you

  2. Yes, definitely they are you. They have that, as you call it, doodle bug-thang going on. Heck, where them everywhere and make it where you go to wear them. :)

  3. Do they have those little lights in the heels that flash when you stomp on 'em?

  4. Willie(Alberta`s friend)November 24, 2011

    I love these.They were not available on the online store,so will have to find a real store.
    Happy Thanksgiving.


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