sunday sunday, da da da dadada

i had to get out of the house...

i popped over to Joann's to use my 60% off coupon. i bought some extra wide backing to put on my curvy rails fence...i found some nice bright pink that was perfect!

while i was out and about, i decided to stop in at Tiny Stitches (i needed to get binding) and bumped into some friends and had a visit....

thanks to everyone who commented with suggested names for the quilt...i liked kathyrn's suggestion and simplified it to "Wiggles". i can't say the word 'wiggles' without smiling....can you?

on the way home i stopped by one of the high school's craft fair. i've seen the signs in previous years, but never stopped and i wasn't in any hurry to get home. HOLEY MOLEY!! every hall, the cafeteria, and the gym was packed with artists selling wares.

i bought some dog treats that came in this cute pair of elf pants...honestly, the dogs lucked out- i only bought the dog cookies to get those pants....too cute!

then it was off to home- so i dug out my serger and made some pillowcases (like all i bought was backing and binding)...i made two sets of christmas themed ones and a cute set with apples and trees. it's hard to see, but the cuff of the apple set has names of all the apple varieties in between the zig zag....perfect!

so that's what i did yesterday....someone alert the media *grin*


  1. sounds like a near perfect day to me sewing and retail therapy!! If someone would take me out to dinner too then it would be perfect. :)

  2. Glad you liked my name! It is a great looking quilt. Kathie L in Allentown

  3. so now I am assuming you are going to make an elf pants for a giveaway?

  4. and of course fill it with leftover fabric goodies!


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