quilt show

this past weekend was the East Cobb Quilt Guild's Bi-Annual quilt show, Georgia Celebrates Quilts.

there's lots of pictures....let's see if blogger will play nice
i had three of my quilts in the show.
Foot Notes

i didn't realize i'd miss this one...i took it off the bed to enter into the show, and didn't have another big enuf to replace it...*oops*

Echoes Of Color

it's so big, it's nice to have a 'entire' picture.

*don't forget, the pictures will supersize when you click on them. click the back buttonon your browser to come back here*

and the 2011 blog BOM, Galaxy, from here (it's blurry on purpose). this is what the quilt will look like for those sewing along, minus the blur *grin*

nothing like a show drop off deadline to get a quilt done. i got the last stitch in the binding and label with seven minutes to go before the start of drop off. *whew* i've learned to not submit a quilt to a show unless it's completely done!

i had eight customer quilts in the show:

 this is why my blog has been 'quilting quiet' for the majority of the year, i've been working on show quilts....

Karen's Bali wedding star...108 inches square

almost 30 hours of quilting in this puppy...

it was awarded an 'Honorable Mention' ribbon.
karen entered her other judy neimeyer quilt.

it, too, was awarded an honorable mention ribbon.

Amanda's quilt.
it took second place in the catergory.

Diane's quilt. 

karen's quilt (it's the same quilt as amanda's, but amanda modifed the pattern some)

it won an honorable mention as well.

theresa's quilt

it took third in it's catergory.
charolette's quilt.



jan's quilt.
it won second in it's catergory
teresa k's mariner's compass

alberta's quilt for her grandaughter 

Suzanne'a applique. this is a small quilt, about 36 inches square. quite impressive hand applique...lots of little pieces.

tomorrow, i'll post my favorites!

some house keeping-
i released the squishies back into the wild for the block swap today. (if esther in canada and barbara in UK could send me an email, i'd appreciate it)

there were 17 participants, so you will have three repeated blocks- one of your own, and two from the lucky players that were in line next to you.


  1. Beautiful quilts!!! Thanks for showing!

  2. EEEWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE - i love a good quilt show. thanks for posting.

    since you got all those honorable mentions, and are now an honest woman, shall we start calling you

    The Most Honorable Doodlebug Davis?

  3. The quilts were marvelous. Every where I turned, your name was listed on them. I love the scrappy bargello in the Bonnie Hunter pattern.

  4. Your own quilts are beautiful as are your customer's. Congratulations on beautiful quilting!!

  5. I think the wedding quilt needs more than an honorable mention! It's GEORGOUS!!


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