in search of....

image source here OOP fabric. 
in making blocks for our wedding quilt, i felt the dogs needed fair i had the bright idea to applique a paw print on a background that signified each one. i've been collecting  saint-patrick's-day-four-leaf-clover prints for a while, so Lucky's block was an easy fix.....

barney is where i'm hitting a wall.....then i remembered this tennis ball fabric from timeless treasures from a couple years ago....this is perfect....and i was lucky enuf to find a picture of it on the web

here's the rub- i don't have any...*argh*  but blogosphere is a large world and i'm not the only fabric hoarder collector

does this fabric look familiar??? i only need a 10.5inch square....surely someone bought a bunch of yardage to put on the back of their tennis player's championship tshirts quilt, but it never happened and now they have 6 yards of this green fuzzy goodness just sitting there collecting dust

hey it could happen....

*ETA* i got friend Lynnfound it online at a shop in Texas!  (thanks again) it's a RJR print, not timeless treasures... *squee*

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  1. I don't have it but I did a little searching and found a fat quarter online for $2.99.

    Hope this helps if you can't find someone who has this in their stash.


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