GA aquarium the end

the topic reef exhibit is fun.

the reef aquarium actually has waves that come in every couple of minutes...there are numerous touch screen monitors that will give you info on all the different fish and corals

you can swim with jellies

isn't this pic awesome? very proud of that one.....
there are luna jelly fish too. the color inside the aquarium changes, other wise you wouldn't be able to see them.

(you can click on any picture to get a bigger view. then just click the back button on your browser to come back to my blog)

dory will give you free whale speaking lessons

marlin and nemo will show you the awesome view of the desirable drop off

(there are three clown fish in this tank and one really did have a messed up left fin)

the new dolphin exhibit.

which was so HARD to see because there is a large opaque window wall behind the glass.....not the best. most of the exhibits are in the dark with little 'nightlights' along the floor so you can see to walk....why, oh why, did they not do that for the dolphins???

 local tip- the general admission ticket does not include admission into the dolphin show, but you can go up and 'observe' them....if you can see them through the glare from the windows...

there is also a south american exhibit. i didn't get pictures of the piranhas....they feed them on saturday, i think?

these are ochirds (?)... they are like our oscars, so many colors

by the time we got to this section of the aquarium, i was kinda tired and my picture taking enthusiasm was waning and my batteries were dying (i took almost 200 pictures)
then this turtle swam by
and back again. he's got a cute nose...

and there were these pretty fish. they almost glowed...

check out the orange one in the top right corner.

pretty pretty

but i liked the blue one

well, that's about it....our trip to the GA aquarium.

there's lots of animals that i didn't get pictures of: the otters, the piranha, the sea dragons (gorgeous sea horses)...

you'll just have to come see them for yourself- let me know. i can always use the excuse to go back *smile*

from the comments, yall have enjoyed the pictures. i'll get back to quilting content soon!


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I love aquariums. Can you just imagine some of the colors in a quilt!

  2. I enjoyed the photos of the aquarium. I love the jelly fish shots and the begulas are adorable!


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