unwanted visitor

i interrupt the aquarium posts to bring you breaking news straight from the studio....

monday i walk into my studio and i saw something big-for-being-small run around the corner of my computer desk.  i did the whole woman-saw-a-mouse scream from TV. you would of laughed (i did)

it scared me....and davis will tell you, i don't scare easily. so a good chunk of Monday evening was spent trying to catch my unwanted studio visitor....a blue tailed skink
that's it behind my sewing cabinet on monday....

i've tried everything....i had a nice corral made out of my rulers...i figured it must be thirsty, so i tried baiting it with water....them things is slippery.

yesterday the darned thing just toyed with me....i'd be quilting, stop, look down, and it would be staring at me. i swear i could hear it giggle as it ran back in the corner under my sewing machine....

it unnerving to know this thing is just running around willy nilly in your sanctuary space....

so today i notice the darn thing behind my longarm, watching me answer emails....*grr* then it scurried under something that sits in a plastic bag...OMG!! i quickly snatched up the bag with the little bugger panicking in the bottom of the bag. i carefully remove the contents of said bag and dump the unwanted visitor in a bucket...

*mu hahahahahah* the great white hunter strikes fear in it's prey

three cheers for opposable thumbs!!

i'm going to wait til davis gets home (i don't think he really believed me) to show it to him, then i'm dumping it out way back in the field behind the house....

you know it's hot when wildlife searches out AC.....

oh, the great hunting dog, barney- useless, could care less....if it were a squirrel, the situation would of done been handled....that would of constituted a blog post too.

it is kindda cute tho....


  1. I've got one in my living room that I can't catch. I guess it's just going to have to die there and we'll find his petrified body some day. I tried to save him but I finally gave up.

  2. Yuck! We don't have those here, reminds me of a garter snake with legs!

  3. I'm sorry, but that is cute, only if cute gives you creepy type shivers. LOL! EEEUUUUUWWWWW!!! I'd have screamed too!

  4. LOL...over and over. thanks I needed a very deep giggle. So glad you caught the monster. Some things so small can drive us crazy. Stay cool...if you can.

  5. Terrific post! I think your skink is gorgeous and obviously has a keen interest in quilting. Loved the way you told the story. Funny, funny funny.

  6. Awww, cute! I kind of like little visitors unless they have eight legs.

  7. That's a pretty little thing. How did you know what it was? I've never heard of a "skink" before, let alone a blue-tailed one. I thought you were saying skunk at first - maybe because that's what interrupted my quilt retreat in May, no kidding. He did not spray, but he did surprise me, and kept me up until 3:00 AM when he finally decided to leave the building. You have to just wait on skunks, cannot chase or boss them around too much!
    Anyway, I would just have called this pretty little skink a lizzard! Are they related?

  8. He's adorable! Not that I'd *want* him in my sewing room, but I think I'd rather catch glimpses of him than a mouse.

  9. Now you could have used my great Lizard Huntress, my pug Petunia. Everyday she goes out in the back porch and yard, hunting and chasing them down, the boys can't be bothered. She caught one once, I made her spit it out, eEEWWww did not want to clean that up!


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