block lotto

i follow the block lotto blog and this month's block is an  8" african violet block. i immediately knew how i'd quilt the blocks, so i joined for the first time. i hope my beginner's luck will help me win....

lesly emailed me a link to this great beluga a wedding at an aquarium a mariachi band serenades a beluga. too cute!


  1. Check the link for block lotto goes to me at stitchintherapy.
    This block looks really neat, might try it out.

  2. i fixed the block lotto blog link...thanks for the heads up debbie

  3. That is a beautiful block!! Thanks for the link.

  4. Your pink/purple looks good. I just bought some marigold(?) print fabric at Hancocks...with a black center I could make it look like sunflowers! I need another project!


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