summer eating

 i don't like to cook (but i love to eat *smile*) i'm more of a pre-fab type cook. i take a box, add a simple ingredient or two, put it in a bowl, and throw it in the oven. but i am creative....and i want to share my favorite summer snack.

i call it a pocket salad. it's simple really. (i had one at a restaurant and thought how easy to do my self...but aren't crafty people like that- see something and think, "well i can make that simple enough")

you'll need:
-caesar dressing
-parmesan cheese (i get the blended stuff from kraft. the asiago adds a really good flavor)
-romaine lettuce
-grilled chicken (i buy it 'bulk' and cook a bunch and put it in the fridge. it doesn't last long enough to go bad)
-soft taco tortillas (i get whole wheat)

construction is simple- run a line of ceasar dressing down the center of the tortilla stopping two inches from one edge. sprinkle some cheese into the dressing. add the romaine- don't be stingy. add a smige more dressing. it's like the glue that holds everything together *grin* then slice your chicken and lay it on top of the romaine. fold up the bottom of the tortilla and wrap the sides around- WHA-LA! a grilled chicken ceasar pocket salad.



  1. looks good! I will have to try it. I love easy recipes.

  2. Sounds good and easy! I don't like to cook either.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Looks yummy!


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