i'm madder than a wet hen

that's what my granny would say and that meant she was MAD! and right now, i'm a very damp chic-a-pee!
see i ordered 10 yards of this pretty batik...at a very good price...i wanted (3) 3 yard pieces with enough wiggle room to match the pattern....

simple enough, right?
guess what i got!!???   GUESS!
you'll love this:
i got a 8 yard bolt and a two yard cut

i admit- i have no one to blame but myself- i was so overwhelmed by the tie dye goodness i didn't read the small print: average 8 yard bolts

....now i have the joy of tracking down 4 more yards to get what i want for what i want.... i know, my own fault for going outside my LQSes....but it's so pretty...i looked on line, apparently i bought the last 10 yards in whole freaking world.

*grr*   *boo*   *hiss* 

so i beg my blogland friends-
anyone have a Hancock's fabrics close that has 4 CONTINIOUS *giggle* yards of 'Batik 70's tie dye' in this color? i'll pay ya back...

to the moon alice, to the moon!!!  (that's what pap-paw would say)


  1. I can look at my local Hancocks on Monday. It's the one in Clovis, CA.

  2. Been there. Done that, but you make it sound so funny. Believe me ... when you buy the last bit in Japan, you're not going to find it anywhere!

  3. I love this fabric...but I have none of it, sorry.


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