mail call and a quilt

i loved opening my mail yesterday!

first my new unsewer!!
i ordered it from Gearhart Beach's etsy shop. it's hand turned bird's eye maple. it fits perfectly in my hand- very comfortable!

i love the details. not only did he send me a replacement tip, but notice that he has added a brass ring along the bottom of the plastic cover- that's to prevent the plastic from splitting and falling off!! my favorite is that it was packed for safety in the purple fat quarter!

can you believe it!!  i won a giveaway over on densie's blog Bitten By the Quilt Bug. the fat quarters have already settled in comfortably in my yellow/orange drawer.

thanks densie!

nancy came and picked up her split 9patch quilt.

i quilted a feather meander on it with a natural colored thread- gorgeous!!.


  1. What a nice quilt....

  2. I love the unsewer!!! That is really beautiful and might make the task pleasant!

    Gorgeous quilted feathers!

  3. I love beautiful accessories for sewing. Mine are all purple but your new unsewer is so colorful, I love it.

  4. Yes, it is beautiful - the quilt that is. Thanks for the great feathers!!!

  5. That's a wonderful picker! I've never seen one so cool. I'd love to have such a cheery tool to make friends with.

  6. What a beautiful picker tool! Congrats on those beautiful orange/red fabrics and your feather meander is awesome!

  7. AnonymousJuly 10, 2011

    Beautiful Quilting!

  8. Is what you call an "unsewer" what my sewing students (high school) call a "seam ripper" and what I call an "unpicker"? If so, I think I'll change what I call this in class. I'm always looking for new ways to describe things to my students - it makes them think plus they enjoy having a teacher who "talks funny." Plus, seam RIPPER sounds so violent and unPICKER sounds like the three year old has been using it on his nose! SMILES! Thanks for a fun blog.


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