my work place

this is my cubicle and my ususal rush hour traffic requires me to step over a stalled dog in the hall. *giggle*

this is a quilt i quilted for david. it was huge 100" x 112" it was made from the quilter's tweed fabric collection.

this is a block from a quilt i quilted for evelyn. i fell hard in love with that art deco print. it is a vintage print, so i can't find any of it. *sad*

i like the block as well. it is a great stash bash block. the block is 8" finished.

the two skinny strips (navy and pink) are cut at 1.5" and the art deco print is cut at 2.5". i would sew all the strips together, then subcut the 4.5" squares.  you'll be able to get (4) from strips cut from a fat quarter and (8) from strips cut from WOF strips.  clear as mud?


  1. Pretty quilts! I followed your blog from Block Lotto.

  2. I like your cubicle. Have you photo'd from different angles? I'm very nosy since I'm in the process of setting up a quilt studio in what will soon be a sunroom. I'll have a nearby closet, but not much storage in the studio since the sunlight might fade threads and fabrics. Also, I'm considering starting a longarm business. The commute to work sounds amazingly fun!

  3. niiiiccccce!

    love how you have pimped your ride, too.
    nemo is so very fancy.

  4. Wonderful quilts and that block sounds like a good way to use up stash. I want to see more of your "Cubicle", love seeing where people work/play.


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