miss me?

i'm back from my teaching trip to north carolina.

i taught the Carolina Longarm Association (CLA) all sorts of fun quilty stuff!

i taught feathers feathers feathers galore!

feathers great and small!

(yup-that's a dime)

i drove angela's machine with the new MM wheels...Nemo needs new shoes, so i bought a set for him.

i showed them how i design free motion custom quilting designs. students brought tops from home and i sat in the floor and doodled on their quilts.

the lovely angela hosted the classes and provided me a bed to sleep in.  (and all the crack roast beef i could eat- that stuff was addicting!!) so i made her one of my signature flanged pillows as a hostess with the mostest gifty.

it found a good home on the recliner and it matched perfectly with the decor.

angela's puppy, Lincoln, provided me puppy love. i stilled missed my noodle heads tho. 

isn't he so adore-ably cute!!! i like his Burt Reynold 70's mustache.

i had to share my crack roast beef to get this picture....but it was worth it *smile*

then it was time to point the truck towards GA....

ahhh, no place like home

*sigh* yup, no place like home....only in atlanta does it take an hour to go seven miles on the interstate....


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2011

    Hi I love your free motion quilting, can you tell me what you use (recommend) for a marker, i am new to free motion and have read so many different idea, and horror stories of markers that don't come off.
    Thanks, keep quilting.
    Joyce (uk)

  2. joyce- i rarely 'mark' for quilting, but when i do i use a product called "Miracle Chalk". it is removable by ironing it (steam) or water. i purchased a bunch of Chac-o-liners, poured out the chalk that was in them, and replaced it with the miracle chalk. I also mix one part yellow (i buy the chac-o-liner refills) to five parts white. that will just about show up on any color. remember- you are the only one that has to see it. if you are quilting on a DSM, i suggest you only mark as much as you intend to quilt because the chalk does 'bounce; off.

    i have used the blue water soluble marker, but with the heat here in the south, i'm scared it might 'set in'. it is also so humid here, that the air erasable (purple) vanishes to quickly to be useful.

    if you want to try something you can always do a trail run. use your intended marking tool on some scrap fabric and see if it will remove to your satisfaction.

  3. Love your feathers, also the cute poochie!!!
    Sounds like everyone had fun. :)
    Do you remember what thread was used in the feathers?? (green thread) It stands out so nicely, and the stitches look perfect. Were you using a Milly?? Not sure if it is my tension, thread or my Milly but my stitches aren't as pretty.What stitch length did you use, I also can never get my stitches that long with the SR.
    Anyhow, not only do your feathers look nice but so does the stitching, it almost looks double stitched. Beautiful!!

  4. I wish I had been there.....sulking over here...glad you are back!

  5. Welcome home Shannon....great feathers...wish I'd been there!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  6. Your feathers are beautiful and the stitching so perfect! Do you have a stitch regulator? I really need to learn to do feathers freehand which I had been there too.

  7. ... agreeing with Barb that I wish I'd been there too.

  8. Lincoln misses you! It is really quiet here... Looks like I will be driving through ATL again in a couple weeks, I will tell you when I know when. If I get to drive by myself, I want to stop at Intown. :)

    Carol, Shannon was using my 2008 Millie. The thread for the feathers was So Fine by Superior. Looking at the stitches in person I would think that it was set around 13 or a little higher. You may need to have your stitch length adjusted on your stitch regulator. If I can help, please feel free to contact me.


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