the good kind of twister

i recently quilted sue's blue twister quilt. it's a gift for her mother.

i liked it so much, i bought the ruler. i'm going to use it to destash some batiks.

i also started my next english paper piecing (EPP) project. the quilt's working title is Beachy Keen. i've been hoarding collecting blues, browns, and creams in modern prints for years and the other day it hit me what to do with them.

i have some 60degree diamonds left over from a previous EPP quilt, so i'm making my version of my friend jessica's traveling quilt. my diamonds have 3inch sides giving me a 10.5inch hexi block. i plan on making 90 to 100 of them.

i'm doing it a bit different- i'm putting a ring of cream around each star to give me some space for some creative quilting.


  1. That's very pretty quilting. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's interest in this twister quilt as it came out many years ago as "Square Dance," a quilting book. With the book, you made your own plastic template that works just fine. I made a couple quilts myself. Your EPP diamonds will be fabulous.

  2. Love the EPP diamonds! I've just joined the paper piecing craze with the ubiquitous hexagon. Maybe I'll graduate to diamonds some day.

  3. Love the twister! Hope you'll have another photo of it after your mom receives it.

  4. Ok... you are so bad!! What ruler... and I love the diamonds... (I should just finish my hexies)

    :o) Thank you so much for sharing... seriously. I am truly inspired

  5. These are just beautiful. You are an amazing quilter!!!

  6. I love the term "destash" never heard that before! Is that your creation? And I love the twister, do you really need a special ruler for that?


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