i over heard my itouch making fun of my iphone the other day....

"you might be smart but i'm pretty....she loves me more"

yeah that wasn't happening. so i bounced over to CaseMate and ordered a quilty cover for my iphone. i ordered on monday, paid a bit more for priority shipping and got it today, thursday.

i choose to put Footnotes on the back of my phone. had i knew that i would be getting an iphone, i would of put my Squilt on the back of my phone and footnotes on the itouch *shrug* oh well....

i over heard my iphone going "Ne'ner ne'ner ne'ner thppbbt" to the itouch

i'm not affiliated with CaseMate, just a happy customer...and i don't believe that my electronics bully each other *giggle* my studio is zero tolerance


  1. great covers
    my ipad is so much happier in its quilt skin!

  2. Hahaha! You are hilarious. This is why you are a professional writer. :D


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