holiday recap

for those that are doing/collecting my BOM, please go back and re-save July's instructions.

Carol emailed me to point out a mistake in the cutting directions. (thank you carol) i have corrected the instructions and re-uploaded the corrected .pdf

we now return you to the regularly scheduled blog post already in progress *grin* today i finished my first set of blocks for my swap.

i had one of the squirrels watch me through the window for a while.

she was really close...and totally facinated with the whole quilting process....

or maybe she was jealous of the AC...

or waiting on me to spread out some more sunflower seeds.....

in other backyard drama....i walked the pups this morning and the baby birds are gone. *sad* the nest was empty. there were alot of crows in the trees around the field and i think they watched the mom and dad flying in and out of that bush and figured out what was in that bush. damn it....

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  1. Awwww :( Poor little things. Very cool visit from the squirrel, though. I love squirrels


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