GA aquarium part one

my favorite place in the whole wide world...besides my studio.....

is the Georgia Aquarium!! 

i love the belugas!!!! to me they are so ethereal. swimming in out of the blue like a ghost.

if i win the lottery i want a beluga aquarium in my house....or better yet, i'll donate a whole crap load of money to the aquarium and i'll go when ever i want.
if you're in the atlanta area, you have to hit the aquarium. go on a weekend and plan on staying all day. here's a local's tip from me to you:  if the aquarium is crowded, they will open up the ballroom around lunchtime to help with the over flow from the seating in the 'cafe'....RUN don't walk to the ballroom. there are two viewing windows, one for the ocean voyageur (the whale sharks) and the belugas.

 also- double check for the feeding times....we got to see them feed the whale sharks (i got pics), but missed the piranha feeding frenzy *darn* 

the ballroom viewing window for the belugas is the BEST set in the whole aquarium and worth the price of admission. the belugas swim by and rub against the glass. you can get a much closer experience than at the 'regular' viewing window.

i sit there for hours....with a big ole goofy grin.

the best is when you are sitting there and one swims by and you can look right into that eye and know it's looking right back into yours....

my favorite thing is to press your ear against the glass and you can hear the clicks and whistles from the whales as they swim by.

this is going to sound weird- wear a bright color.they can see us through the glass and seem to like lime green and red. the lady next to me had on a lime green shirt and the youngest beluga would swim up to her and pause before continuing his circle around the enclosure.

 if you ever wondered what whale poop looked like.....
another favorite thing about this spot is the kids' little boy asked his mom if they could get one for the backyard.

i hear you, kid!

it's hard not to fall in love with an amimal that has a permanent smile.

davis later asked an employee about touch experience packages with the much, when, who to call, scheduling.....that only means one thing
*SQUEE* i might leave my own poop cloud in the water *lol*

more pictures later....


  1. We've been to lots of aquariums but never the Georgia one. Guess that needs to be added to the bucket list! Our last visit was to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Good times!

  2. Were you able to tell the difference between the males and females? Who-o-o-o!

  3. WOW......... wonderful pictures. I live about 45 miles east of Atlanta and never have been to the Aquarium. I really need to go. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It's great to hear your perspective on the aquarium, and on the whales in particular. Usually, when we're traveling your direction, we're trying to figure out the best time to get through Atlanta with as little resistance as possible. Actually staying there has never been a desire or option! We may have to rethink that on future Florida trips. Thanks for sharing. I hope you get a real face-to-face with a beluga, poop cloud or no.


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