cindy used my tutorial

i recieved an email from Cindy couple weeks ago. she had made a tote from a dog food bag following my tutorial. she sent me a picture of the bag and it even included the benefactor of the food. here's her picture and her email:
Thank you!! I just finished mine, minus the handles.. (which is proving to be my biggest obstacle) and I so totally LOVE my new bag! I've been holding on to this dog food bag for about 2 years, hoping to find something like this tutorial that is also this thorough.

Can't wait to use my bag (once I hand stitch the handles on.. LOL)

Oh, I'm also your newest follower!

thanks for sharing your picture and pooch! i love the how the great dane is along the edge of the did a great job!


  1. OK, that's too fun. We have to shop for catfood again, and instead of repurposing the bag as a yard trash bag, we'll make totes!!

  2. Cool bag! I don't have the space to buy cat food in large bags ... but maybe I'll make some tiny totes ;-)

  3. I too love this bag and a perfect idea. Only, I actually cook for my dogs.

  4. Looks like a wonderful idea, but my hubby repurposes those dog fod bags to use when cleaning the cat's litter box. Something about the never-ending cycle of nature, he mutters.


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