kitchen sink is on the frame!!

i loaded my kitchen sink quilt on the long arm frame today!!

OH MY GAWD!! i am having *way* to much fun.
this is one of the funniest quilts i've quilted and the super duper news is i get to keep this one cause it's mine, mine, mine!

my rule:
1. i can not repeat any design til i have used everything in my mental 'library'

it's not fun unless there's a challenge :)
i also decided to use my 'trash back' idea on this one (using half empty bobbins, no matter what color)

here's a sneaky peeky of one of my favorite parts so far (i'm on row 3 of 8)

oh oh oh- i came up with the perfect name:


*clap* a moment of pure genius!! it is really hard to contain my excitement!
stay tuned! i plan on sharing lots of pictures when it's done!


  1. Love your quilt. Am LOL about the empty bobbins. Great idea! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming pictures.

  2. DOODLEBUG JUMBALAYA is perfect and I love it!

  3. Your enthusiasm and joy is refreshing... have a great time with the quilting!

  4. I am so attracted to this quilt! Maybe it's my own jumbled mind, of an affinity for ordered chaos, but it is FABULOUS. Love the quilting approach too!

  5. What a fun approach to the quilting. And cool that you are using up all your half bobbins.

  6. How fun!!! It looks fabulous too.

  7. That looks great, DOODLEBUG JUMBALAYA and I love the name!!!

  8. Heee :D I love this post. :D Looking forward to seeing the rest!

  9. Glad you are not calling it kitchen sink, because that is part of what I am calling a quilt I am about to finish! I didn't want it to seem as if I was stealing the name from you! My quilt is, of course, totally different from yours, it is a kitchen sink only because there are a kitchen sink full of fabrics in it, not a kitchen sink full of blocks. The blocks are more or less all the same, square in a square in a square.
    Love this one!


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