i'm inked!

i have a tattoo, i am not ashamed.i love it! i came up with the design when i was in 7th grade and it was tat love at first sight *swoon*

fast forward to my early twenties, i still had the little sketch with me (after numerous moves) and i made my mind up to make it permanent, i still loved it years later- why not? 

i thought my granny would hate it, but she loved it and said it was very feminine.

fast forward again to my early 30s when i got that featherweight i'd always wanted....that scroll work faceplate design looked so familiar....wait a minute!!! that's exactly like my tattoo!!!  how's that for coincidence??

my tat is an arm band and well, it's got a gap in the back (i did consider wrapping the design all the way around, but i wanted the pretty scroll work to show) so i've been itching to commit my love of quilting permanently on my body....last night i was exploring Flickr and i happened on a picture of Dainty Squid's chest tat that got me thinking about a quilting tattoo again (there's also a group for sewing tats- people sure do love their scissors and sewing machines) i'm not as cute as her and i'm pretty sure that i couldn't pull off a chest tat (i have done the blue hair before)....*sigh* i'd love a full quilting sleeve

any whoo- as i was coveting some of the ink on Flickr i had a huge light bulb moment!!! the one thing that has held me back from getting a quilting theme tat is: WHERE TO PUT IT...it took years to decide where to put my celtic knot....LIGHTBULB!!! i can put a little vignette of quilting stuff in the gap of my celtic knot omg- perfect.

i'm thinking a pair of scissors or a rotary cutter, a spool of thread with a needle, and a thimble. if i can fit it and it's doesn't look dorky i'll stick in a sawtooth star block. i'll also get the artist to freshen up my celtic knot.....sweet!

yes, i'm dead serious....


  1. That's cool...love it.

    My Son has as circuit board type tatoo which he designed himself....it runs up the inside of his arm, it's unique like yours!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2011

    I always wanted a tattoo and when I turned 50, I got the Celtic infinity symbol with a flower tattooed on my ankle. I love it. I still wanted more and it took me two years to figure out what I wanted-so I designed one with flowers and scrolls and the words: Live Laugh Love through it. It is large not (size of a 3 X 6 picture) and is at the base of my back. I still want another and I love the idea of a "quilty" tattoo....that will be my next one. I Can't wait to see your new tattoo!! PS I would post my name (Diane), but can't figure out how to do this posting stuff too well.

  3. I've never gotten a tatt because I couldn't decide on a design , then I worry about where I'd put it, so the years have gone by and I don't have one. I do love all the sewing tatts.

  4. AnonymousJune 26, 2011

    i have always said that if i were to get a tatt, it would be a goldfish tiny cracker tattooed on my pinky toe...as my pinky toe is the exact shape of a GTC. everytime i look at that toe, i think GTC. i have never mustered the nerve, but maybe someday.
    yours is very cool, just like you!

  5. I love tattoos. They are addicting! I think a sewing vignette would be great. I think if I ever got a sewing tattoo it would be a quilting feather somewhere. I love the Singer machine tats too. Can't wait to see it!

  6. Three members of my guild went out and got featherweight tattoos for their 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays!


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