customer quilts

i've had some quilts go home. lots of pics, so get comfy-

jeanne picked up her three.

this was a simple 4patch and HST, but we both thought the quilting shined beautifully on it.

(remember, you can click on any picture to see it bigger. then click the 'back' button on your browser to come back here)

then her gorgeous jacob's ladder quilt.
i like this quilt because i would of never of picked those fabrics for a quilt. that's one of my favorite parts of LAing, seeing all the different fabric combinations my clients choose to use.

i did a simple CC design on it.

she proudly told me "i'm keeping this one"

i used a denim blue thread and i love how it looks on that rich raspberry batik.

for the thread color, i was inspired by the turq on the backing. jeanne always finds the perfect backs to go with her quilts. she let me have a small piece of the leftover backing to add to my next scrappy quilt.

then a cute little applique quilt for a family friend's daughter who graduated this year.

then pam picked up her three.

this is a simple quilt, but the piecing makes the quilt! i quilted a boxed spiral in each square to not compete with the graphic of the stripes.

then her little medalion walhanging which i had fun quilting.

i loved the challenge of coming up with something creative with this one.

and her last, a small little sawtooth star row quilt.

this is toni's sunflower dresden plate quilt.

it is gorgeous!

see, i have been quilting! now i need to get back to it...thanks for sticking with me.

i found a birdnest in the bush next to where i walk the dogs and have been watching it. this morning i noticed mama bird wasn't there, so i gently looked inside- all three eggs have hatched! the hatchlings are so tiny. their heads are about the size of a no2 pencil's eraser. i think it's a cardinal nest, but i'm not 100% on that. i'll try to get a better picture later when the sun has moved....


  1. You have been a busy little thing haven't you? Great work!

  2. Wow! Two of my favorite things...gorgeous quilting and baby birds! Great inspiration!

  3. Love your quilting! I have a birds nest also in one of my hanging flower planters...there were 3 eggs and they hatched about 3 weeks ago and the baby birds now have all of their feathers and are too big for the nest but not brave enough to try flying.

  4. Love the quilts and your wonderful quilting. Hugs.

  5. Beautiful quilts and awesome quilting!!

  6. You are a busy bee...Great your choice for that first quilt with the green fabrics, your quilting is a perfect fit...but I love all of them too!

    Can't wait to see you 'Doodlebug Jambalaya'.

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  7. Wow! Lots of very neat quilting work there. It sure would be nice to see so many wonderful projects move through your work space!


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