long over due post

i was scrolling through google reader this morning and saw Jackie's post about her quilt and how she ordered a custom phone cover using a picture of her quilt....i instantly wanted my own- like right now!  i'm a super sucker for personalizing my stuff....

so i thought about it and decided that if i was going to personalize my ipod, what better quilt than my very favorite quilt! so i hung it to take a proper photo for the image for my cover...
so which quilt did i choose....simple, my Sblock quilt y'all help me make! and then i remember that i haven't posted about it since i quilted it and finished it (it's my No1 snuggle quilt- picture linus and his blanket) bad blogger...in my defense, i was wanting to pose it outside and we have had some very windy weather, so i decided to just do it in the house....

there it is in all it's quilted glory. all occupants of the house have been instructed that if we have to flee the house in an emergency, someone better have this cluched to their chest  :)

i also rememeber hinting around at the fabric i used for the back...

check it out....yup-i put it on the back!!! i am guarenteed that i will never have to worry about it being 'borrowed' being the only girl in the house *smirk*

i used hot pink thread and used my signatue quilting design i call cotton candy to quilt it. i used Dream Cotton's Dream Green recycled poly batting. let me tell you- that batting washes beautifully. it is every bit as snuggly as washed cotton batting, if not better.

is it totally wierd that i keep it cold in the house so that i have an excuse to use my quilt more....

i finally came up with a name for the quilt....

Lazy S Ranch

very appropriate i think *grin*


  1. Love your backing! I have PJ pants made out of it and now just found it again and bought the end of the bolt - 4yards! I'm going to border it and put red minkee on the back. It's probably my favorite novelty fabric. I also fussy cut the men out and made a bathroom bag.

  2. It's a great quilt, Shannon! Very lively on the front, and particularly snuggly on the back. My kind of quilt too. Good choice for a phone cover.

  3. You have excellent taste! After looking at the beautifully pieced front of the quilt, one would never guess the exciting prospects on the back.

    I may be old, but I still like to window shop.

  4. It's S S S Special Shannon!!!!

  5. AnonymousMay 04, 2011

    Awesome S quilt for "S"hannon. I see the block I made you, too! CindyT

  6. AnonymousMay 04, 2011

    i see my block! i see my block!
    love that you love it. meg

  7. Oh, my - love the final name choice. So very appropriate!

  8. I love it! How fun to see it finished!

  9. My pillow case is made from the same fabric :-) I sleep with my cowboys every night!!!

  10. That quilt is gorgeous and will look just fabulous as an iPod cover!! Can't wait to see it!

  11. Love the name choice. I'd cuddle up with that blanket anyday! Great quilt!

  12. Hi, Just stopped by your blog and caught sight of this Amazing quilt!! I'm just making the 'S' quilt myself and loving every minute of it! Yours is a great inspiration - LOVE the backing fabric


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