the last time...

fair warning- wednesday is the last day to download my BOM directions for this month...and since we are all adults, this will be the last time i post a reminder at the end of the month....pesky how that happens- the month sneeking up and ending without so much as a warning    :)

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i saw this picture somewhere on the web. it's how i felt this weekend when i went to fill up. that's the one thing about working at home, it takes months to use a tank of gas so the price of is always a bit of a shock....

i should get out more often


  1. Gas prices actually seem to be going down. I think I saw the Gas at $3.55 today, and I was happy... wait did I get happy that gas was $3.55? There is something really WRONG with that!!

  2. here in Athens it's $8/gallon. so glad i don't have a car here..

  3. Here in NY gas was $4.59 I nearly dropped the gas hose....wouldn't that have been costly!


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