weekend review

what i did during my memorial day holiday weekend....

friday and saturday i cut 132 8.5inch squares, 66 warm and 66 cool, from my batik stash. i originally thought that i wouldn't have the stash to get the variety i was wishing for. i need to stop doubting my stash.

i am going to use before mentioned squares to start Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Majestic Mountain quilt. i will use the warm as the 'lights' and the cool fabric will be stand in for the 'darks'....
then i got all distracted watching this little guy fill his checks with sunflower seeds. i love watching chipmunks. the way they run with their tails stuck up in the air...

i have 6 chipmunks in my yard now...i think they are a family from the neighbor's wood pile.

i wonder if the squirrels posted on FaceBook about the all-you-can-eat sunflower buffet in my backyard??....hmmm.

sunday i proceeded to starting sewing my mountain blocks. a word of advice- bonnie has you cut the squares at 8.5", make the HST, then trim to 8"....i stupidly cut all my squares before making a test block (who am i to question the generous ms hunter?) if i had made a test block i would have decided to cut my squares at 8.75" rather than 8.5" cause after making the HSTs, is it really tight getting a 8" square...i mean REALLY tight!

so here are my blocks so far....i can tell i'm going to really like this quilt. i like that it's a slight optical illusion tessellation type design...one minute the warm colors receed and you see the cool color zigzag, then the next moment, the opposite happens...kewl!

later i'm going to share what i'm making with the 'pieces' leftover when chopping up fabric to get squares....it's gonna be awesome! i just need to get some zippers, Drings,  and a swivel clasp!

wonder what did davis and lucky did this weekend?

i love it when lucky gets melt-y

today was totally unproductive- i'm nursing a migraine. it's weird to feel your heartbeat right behind your ears....

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