just keep swimming...

it's been a awhile...*wave* i'm still here...happily stitchin' along

i've been reading so many friend's blogs, but blogger won't let me comment...i want to tell robin that her iphone cover (like mine) looks awesome and she's right- it leaves no doubt who it belongs too...

i saw some cute as hell gorilla fabric on a Linda's blog and had to *gasp* email her to get the info for ordering...

i should be a mr. grumpy gills and have a post giveaway....*mu ha ha ha* just kidding, but i am looking forward to the geeks getting this all whole comment sign-in thing working...

(did i just share an earworm? just keep swimming, just keep swimming..what do we do? we swim swim swim.....es-ca-pee)

and now for your quilty viewing pleasure-

melanie's table runner....

i like it! a short break from show quilting

have a fun and safe memorial day extended weeked! we'll be grilling vension!!! *yum*


  1. What a cute runner!

  2. Love the runner and thank you for the original link to my new iphone cover. :-)

  3. I was having the same problem. Terry mentioned that when you sign into your Google account you need to uncheck the box that asks if you want to stay signed in. It has worked for me and many others. Give it a try.


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